Understanding, criticising, creating something new: This is what we want to do at the Action, Mond & Sterne camp (AMS; „action moon and stars“), which will take place this year in the small town of St. Georgen in the Southern Black Forest in Germany. Our aim is to create an autonomous and self-governed free space with lectures, workshops, and several cultural events. We also want to practise our political self-understaning in every interaction at the camp, for example with the communal cooking, the cleaning and the general organisation. But there is also space for partys and cultural activities: Several cultural events take place every evening on stages in tents and in the forest, for example theatrical plays, performances, concerts and art installations.

We need your support!
AMS is relying on everyone’s support. We need your help building and dismantling stages, tents and bar rooms as well as cooking with the Volxkuche “Maulwurf”. But we also rely on your financial support. Making a voluntary donation between 25 and 35 Euros will help us a lot to make AMS happen. If you are not able to donate this sum, you are still warmly invited to join and take part in the camp!

The building and dismantling weeks
There are many possibilities to help at the construction and reduction. You can help with the construction of stages, the bar or the tents, you can help decorating, cooking, painting, etc. We start the building week on Friday, the 26th of August, the dismantling week lasts until Friday, the 9th of September. If you are interested in helping in this time please contact us: camp@fest-spiel-haus.de

At AMS we want to try new things. That is why we have a kitchen for all, run by the Maulwurf vokü from Freiburg. The Maulwurf is a self-organised interactional kitchen for all, where everyone can help and play a part in. The food provided by them is vegan, ecological and seasonal and is given out on a donational basis („pay as much as you can“).

A camp for everyone!
We want AMS to be a place where everyone feels comfortable and accepted.
But we live in a society, where sexism, racism, antisemitism and other forms of discrimination and oppression are part of everyday life. Even at AMS and other events with an emancipatory claim discrimination can happen. Our answer to this issue is a concept of awareness and a strict policy against acts of discrimination and abuse.

The AMS will take place at a camping site called „Stöcklewald“ in St. Georgen, a small town in the south of the Black Forest. The adress is:

Zeltlagerplatz Stöcklewald
Fritz-Lamm-Bildungsstätte / Kurt-Roth-Haus
D-78120 Furtwangen

The camping site is located between the towns of Furtwangen, Triberg and Schönwald and surrounded by woods.
Approach by train: Coming via train you can take the „Schwarzwaldbahn“ to the train station „St. Georgen“. From the train station we will have a shuttle service, which will bring you to the camping site.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at ams-camp[at]fest-spiel-haus.de or take a look at http://actionmondundsterne.blogsport.de.